POPE JOAN DESIGN alignS, defineS & refineS.



Pope Joan Design is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Pittsford, New York* and led by Joan Simpson, specializing in brand alignment and refined identities for creative entrepreneurs who are looking to level-up their brand through visual branding to website design + development and photography to interior design, architecture + styling.

Pope Joan carries the client projects from inception to completion. Upon completion of our brand alignment process, we deliver a large package that equips you with the tools needed to launch your brand with confidence successfully. With this solid foundation in place, Pope Joan Design Studio can build out any accompanying elements of your brand with ease, whether it be website design and development, photography, full-service interior design, architecture and styling, a stationary system, or a packaging and merchandising suite.

With a warm and holistic approach, Pope Joan Design Studio guides you through a fine-tuned process that uncovers your why, identifies your goals, and leverages this information to craft a story that aligns with your mission. By harnessing your unique qualities, we create the framework for an identity that feels uniquely you, and successfully sets you apart from your competitors.

Pope Joan Design aligns, defines and refines™.

*but willing to travel for work, wink-wink